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Bed & (continental +) Breakfast

Neat place to spend the night in Cornwall, Ontario

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425 Anthony, Cornwall, ON K6H 5K7 
T: (613) 938-6364
Mobile: (613) 360-1817

Please let us know regarding your time or arrival if it is not between 3 and 10 pm

Checkout time is 10 am

Veuillez nous aviser si votre arrivée sera autre qu’entre 15h et 22h

Heure du départ est de 10h

King's Room

King Size bed in a beautiful 14’X21’ bedroom with private full washroom.

Queen's Room

Main floor in your own little corner of the 2000 sq. ft. luxury home | Extra large cathedral ceiling 10’ X 16’ bedroom Queen Size bed |  Beautiful private 10’ X 6’ washroom with bath & shower.

Bishop's Living Room

Main floor super large 24’ X 11’ living room with cathedral ceiling. For guests only. Play chess with your host.

Rook's Kitchen

Very close to both rooms. 16’ X 14’ with lots of seating and table space.

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Former guests get $10 off the daily fee when calling us directly for reservations. We are pleased to offer the choice of 2 large rooms with en suite washrooms.


Our garage is alarm protected and a safe place to store your bicycles & motorcycles. We also have a portable electric tire pump.